Fixed Price Option

We can help you to
• Attract more quality direct applications to jobs
• Create a better candidate experience
• Keep recruitment costs to a minimum
• Recruit more efficiently – filling more jobs first time and in less time
• Allow better due diligence and decision making to reduce attrition
• Centralise & control recruitment processes
• Fully utilise new technology and additional products and services
• Improve reporting to ensure quality and better understand the recruitment process

How can we do this?
We can reduce overall recruitment costs by offering a fixed price, effective recruitment solution for all job levels and sectors by offering:
• We can reduce advertising costs and generate more quality applications from a wider, more diverse media network
• We offer client branded adverts to increase applications and client brand awareness
• We offer a copy writing service to ensure your advert, approved by you, gains maximum exposure.

Over 80% of online adverts are unbranded. Client branded adverts receive nearly 50% more response.
In 2019, over 17.5 million unique job related searches were performed monthly via search engines. Over 60% making multiple searches in the same month.
We can connect you to more than 4500 advertising channels and media networks.
Your job will be posted across more than 30 of the leading national job boards including Jobsite, Monster, Reed, Total Jobs, CV-Library and Gumtree, a network of over 3500 niche boards, a network of over 1800 of the leading local advertising media, all the leading social media channels, aggregators like Indeed, Trovit, Job Rapido and across any of your own advertising networks.
We also utilise programmatic media buying techniques across the 17 leading PPC channels, using AI to achieve the absolute best value for money on a per click or applicant basis.

Sophisticated recruitment tools
We offer an improved candidate experience with reduced administration by offering access to a sophisticated applicant tracking system (ATS) which is intuitive, well-designed and easy to use
• Automated processes for easy candidate application and support of client by adapting to their workflow
• Advanced CV parsing software automatically providing a fully searchable holistic view of candidates
• AI, machine learning and predictive analytics for improved, efficient grading of candidates
• Effective pre-screening tools to access the best qualified and matched candidates quickly
• Video profiling providing insights into candidate presentation, body language, communication skills, confidence and personality.
• Behavioural profiling to benchmark candidate behaviours and cultural alignment against the role profile to reduce attrition
• Make better selections for interview using a form builder tool for competency based questions or technical tests to be completed online
• Advanced reporting tools providing insightful evidence and statistics
• Background and reference checks

Most job related searches are conducted by candidates in employment. Ineffective process, lack of communication or poorly executed screening are causes of candidate drop off.

Utilising advanced technology offers a fully compliant recruitment process
• Cloud based ATS with excellent uptime
• Easy to use and no IT integration
• Data integrity and back up
• Privacy and data protection – GDPR compliant